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The American Amonte Horse Registry was established by Monte Mitts in 1997 to promote and preserve the bloodlines he established over the previous 34 years.

The first Amonte was Fury, a grey stallion with a bald face and blue eyes. Fury’s sire was the AQHA stallion Dusty, son of Dan Waggoner. Fury’s dam was Peaches, a brown and white mare born of a mare on an Indian Reservation and a wild buckskin stallion. Born in the Flint Hills of Kansas, Fury developed a reputation as the best cow horse in the area. Fury and Monte spent countless weekends gathering cattle in the vast Flint Hills range.

Over the years Fury was bred to many mares. Two of the mares consistently produced foals with the natural intelligence and athletic ability Monte desired. They were Shambus Kitten, a bay AQHA mare, and a black Welsh Cob named Indigo. Every purebred Amonte traces back to these original horses.

Monte’s primary sire today is Racer, the black son of Brandy, daughter of Fury and Indigo. Brandy was bred back to Fury in order to reinforce the traits Monte wished to establish. Indigo proved to be a genetically strong mare, and Racer portrays many of her best traits.
Racer has good bone and a strong trot that has carried him over the 4,000 mile mark in AERC competition.

The Amonte mare Candy (by Fury, out of Shambus Kitten) is now producing foals after a successful Endurance career. Candy has completed 5390 miles in the American Endurance Ride Conference, including 23 1-Day, 100-mile events. Her first foal, Racers Fury II will someday take his grandsire’s place as the Amonte herd sire.

Missy, Candy’s full sister, has only been ridden for pleasure, with the exception of one limited distance ride. Her first 2 foals are already showing the intelligence and athletic ability desired in the Amonte.

In order to provide some genetic diversity without losing the desired traits, Monte has recognized a Half-Amonte designation and selected some Arabian mares to cross with Racer. The first of these has reached riding age and we are pleased! Racers First Step has finished her first 1 day 100 and did great. Her full brother is ready to take to the trail, too.

The American Amonte Horse Registry was established in the early 90's. It recognizes both purebred & partbred Amonte's.

For more information on breeding to an Amonte stallion or purchasing an Amonte contact Monte and Nancy Mitts at Trotting M Ranch at the address below.

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