Amonte Horse Photos

Racer's HeadRacer

Amonte Stallion Foaled April 7, 1987
(Fury X Brandy)
««Mitts Photo ©
Available at Stud--Private Treaty

4890 AERC Endurance Miles
(as of 6/1/02) Racer at Cougar Prowl

Racer March 2001
Cougar Prowl 50 >>
Colbath Photo
Ponca City, Oklahoma


AERC Awards--4890 Miles--22 One Day 100's
1991--75 miles Limited Distance
1992--250 miles (includes 1 one day 100)
1993--2nd Place Jim Jones Stallion -6th Overall & 2nd Featherweight Central Region (810 miles)
1994--4th Place Jim Jones Stallion - 7th Featherweight National Championship Series (650 miles)
1995--3rd Featherweight National Championship Series (310 miles)
1996--8th Place Jim Jones Stallion -3rd Featherweight Central Region (570 miles)
1997--7th Place Jim Jones Stallion (300 miles with heavyweight rider)
1998--350 miles (Heavyweight Rider)
1999--4th Place Jim Jones Stallion --9th Overall & 1st Heavyweight Central Region(650 miles)
2000--10th Jim Jones Stallion--3rd Heavyweight Central Region --(400 miles)
2001--3rd Heavyweight Central Region (450 miles)
2002-- 100 miles (Heavyweight Rider)

Monte&Racer 1999

Monte & Racer at the Indian Territory Endurance Ride
October 2, 1999

««Ardell Photo ©* Racer & Monte Spring Challenge 2001

Monte & Racer >>>>>>
Spring Challenge
March 31, 2001
Colbath Photo


Candy Amonte Mare Foaled in April 1984 Candy and Monte shared 5340 AERC Endurance miles. They completed 23 One day 100 mile rides. Candy is raising some great foals for us and enjoys an occasional ride.Candy 1988

««Mitts Photos © »»

In 1988 Candy was the OCER Hi Point Grade Horse
& Best Condition Trophy winner. Monte was Hi Pt Heavyweight.
Candy Governor's Cup

In 1989 this photo was taken at the Govenor's Cup Championship Ride.>>


Candy & Monte These photos were taken at Candy & Monte
the Crews 'N the Bar K Endurance Ride in April 1998.

(«Ardell Photos © *»)Candy & Kids

(«Mitts Photo©) Candy entertaining the grandkids



AERC Record--5340 Miles 23 One Day 100's (+ 480 Limited Distance)
1987--98 miles Limited Distance
1988--210 miles Limited Distance & 210 Endurance
1989--Central Region 7th Overall-2nd Heavyweight (650 miles)
1990--Central Region 4th Overall-1st Heavyweight -7th National Championship (800 miles)
1991--Central Region 9th Overall-2nd Heavyweight-(600 miles)
1992--Central Region 3rd Overall-1st Heavyweight-(810 miles)
1993--Central Region 4th Overall-1st Heavyweight-(960 miles)
1994--Central Region 2nd Heavyweight-(500 miles)
1995--Central Region 1st Heavyweight-2nd HW National Championship (610 miles)
1996--210 miles--Retired to raise babies, boss the other mares, babysit young horses on trail, etc.

Racers Fury II Foaled May 19, 1997
Son of Racer & Candy, he will be our future Amonte herd sire.
Limited breedings available for 2001
Racers Fury II & Monte@25 months ««« This photo of Racers Fury II & Monte was taken in June 1999 when he was 25 months old.
(Mitts Photo ©)Racers Fury II @ 7 months old


«««Racers Fury II @ 7 months old (Mitts Photo)


Racer & FuryMonte & Fury 12-01

Fury (4 1/2)
& Monte 12-01
(© Mitts Photos)

Look out Dad, I already fill your bridle!!!

Racers Cool Breeze
(Racer x Candy) Foaled May 6, 1999Racers Cool Breeze 1 year old

Breeze 4 1/2 months old This filly is so much
like Candy!! So of course,
we'll have to keep her.
<<Photo at left taken @ 4 ˝ months
. At right, 1 year. >
(Mitts Photos © )

Breeze, Skeeter & Monte 2001
Breeze, Monte & Skeeter's Butt
(oops, I mean Skeeter Bug!)



Racers Skeeter Bug Racers Skeeter Bug (Racer x Candy)
Foaled 5/03/01 He's 33 days old in this photo.

Racers Skeeter Bug 4-16-02 Here's Skeeter, just shy of his first birthday!>>>


Racers Smoking Gun 4-16-02
<<Racers Smoking Gun
(Racer x Missy)
About 10 months old, smokin around the field!


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