Grooming Supplies

Grooming Products
Plastic Sweat Scraper -Red, blue, green, yellow, Teal, Purple or Pink $1.50
Half-Moon Sweat Scraper (Red or Blue) $4.00
Aluminum Main Comb -- $1.50

Hoof Pick & Rubber CurryHoof Pick (w/brush, rubber grip) $1.50 (not in picture)--Blue, green, red, PURPLE

Hoof Pick (w/brush, horse head) $1.50
both in red, green or blue


Fancy Engraved Handle Aluminum Hoof Pick: Pink or Purple $5.00

Groomer's StoneGroomer's Stone $5.00

Removes Bot Eggs, mud, loose hair!


Braiders Braid Bands "Braiders" Braid Bands $2.50

500 per package available in Brown, Black, or Grey





Whip Clip

The Whip Clip $12.00 $8.00

Handy item clips over top of tall boot or half chaps. Slip whip or crop into place leaving your hands free until you need it again.

PINK, as shown

Last one in stock, no returns or exchange on this item.


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