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All photos on this page Courtesy of EasyCare, Inc.

Please note: Due to the cost of materials EasyCare has made some price changes, especially for the larger size boots.


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The Easyboot GLOVE & GLUE ON: These boots use a different size chart than the other Easycare Boots.
I will have a set of 1 of each size in the glue-on shells that people may use at rides to fit their horse.

EasyBoot Glove  Front <<GLOVE --- Price $63.00 Each

The Glove is the glue on Boot with a gaiter. Great for training, short, and one day rides.
Available in size 00 - 3, including half sizes. Limited Inventory: Glove Wide
No cables, buckles, or other hardware to break!

Glove Gaiters: $28.00 These have an attachment specific to the glove. If you need\rReplacement Gaiters for the EPIC or BARE please specify when ordering.



EasyBoot Glove BackCountry -- $76.00 Each
Uses the same size chart as Glove & Glue on

Easyboot GlueOn Front

Easyboot Glueon Rear The Glue on--$28.00 each, 4/$89.00

Due to lack of local interest, out of stock, I will order for you!


EasyCare recommends using Vettec Adhere or Sika Flex.


Due to lack of interest I no longer carry adhesivces or application guns. I do have some Vettec tips, $1 each.


Glove & Glue On Size Chart:

Easyboot Glove Size Chart

Size Width in mm Length in mm


96-99mm 106-109mm


100-103mm 110-113mm


104-107mm 114-117mm


108-111mm 118-121mm


112-115mm 122-125mm


116-119mm 126-129mm


120-123mm 130-133mm


124-127mm 134-137mm


128-131mm 138-141mm


Boot Size------- Hoof Width -----------Hoof Length (Inches)
Pony ------------------------3 3/16--3 3/8----------------- 3 3/8--3 5/8
size 000------------------ 3 3/8--3 13/16 ----------------3 5/8--4 3/16
size 00 ------------------3 13/16--4 5/16 ----------------4 3/16--4 5/8
size 0------------------- 4 5/16--4 9/16------------------ 4 5/8--4 15/16
size 1------------------- 4 9/16--4 7/8 --------------------4 15/16--5 1/8
size 2------------------- 4 7/8--5 1/8---------------------- 5 1/8--5 9/16
size 3 -------------------5 8--5 1/2 -------------------------5 9/16--5 15/16
size 4------------------- 5 1/2--5 15/16 -------------------5 15/16--6 7/16
size5--------------------- 5 15/16--6 7/16----------------- 6 7/16--6 7/8
size 6 -------------------6 7/16--6 7/8---------------------- 6 7/8--7 7/16
size 7 ------------------6 7/8 -- 7 9/16 -------------------7 7/16 -- 7 3/4
1. Measure hoof width across the bottom at the widest point
2. Measure hoof length from the toe to the buttress line of the heel (the furthest weight bearing point)
3. Compare your measurements to the chart. Ideally the length and width will fit into the same size boot. If they indicate different sizes, select the larger size Easyboot. If the length and width differ by more than one size, an Easyboot may not be the best choice of hoof protection for that horse.

2005 Easy Boot<<<Original Easy Boot.$51.00 each size pony-#2------ Sizes #3-7$63.00


This old standby is hard too beat. It offers adjustability and is the best option for using over shoes when you want a removeable pad. Yes, it voids the warranty, but my customers get many miles on a boot using them this way.

Easy boots now have a buckle pin hole to lock down the frontClip cover
buckle (pins sold separately), & a clip cover (that can be removed) for the metal cleats inside the boot. >>>>>

"Buckle Up" a new upgraded buckle system that is hinged from the bottom. Fits 2005 & newer Easy boots & Epics with the screw on buckle assembly. $10.00 Each


Easy Boot Epic The EPIC Boot -- The epic is the first in the Easycare lineup of hoof boots that allow horses to remain barefoot even while distance riding! $75.00 each pony thru #2, $88.00 size 3-7. It is essentially an Easy Boot with a gaiter already attached. Epics now ship with a comfort heel strap that does not have the metal cleats of an Easy Boot.
Size 00 thru 3 in stock most of the time. Other sizes special order.
Extra Gaiters: $28.00Epic on horse





Easyboot Replacement Lock Pins: $2.00/ 10 pak
Replacement cleat cover and other parts also be available.

Comfort Pads: $12.00/pair: Medium density EVA Foam pad helps modify boot fit or provide more cushioning and protection to the sole. Excellent for horses transitioning to the barefoot way. Choose from 12mm (1/2") or 6 mm (1/4") thickness.
Small- cuts to fit sizes pony- #2, Large fits sizes #3-#7. Old Mac sizes available too.

Dome pads: $12.00/pair Small fits 00 & 0, Medium fits #1, Large fits 2,3 &4.

Comfort StrapComfort Straps: $7.50 each, This style strap has NO metal teeth. They come standard on BARES, may be used in place of backstraps with teeth in EZ boots & Epics.

Replacement Heel Straps w/cleats (2005+) $7.50


Tapers Tapers: $6.00 each. 2/$11 4/$ 21
For use if you prefer to use you Epics or Bares without a Backstrap



Easy Up Buckle EasyUp Cable & Buckle Kit: $10 each 2/$18 4/35.00

Clearance: Easy Up Buckle with the black base, not all metal $5.00 each 4 size #2 is all that is left. (as of 2-26-11)

Easyboot Ice Studs Universal Stud Kit: Set of 4/ $10.00 -- Fits all Easy Care Hoof Boots except Soakers
Typical installation is 4/boot requiring 4 paks for 4 boots. Specify long or short. LONG fits size 5,6,7.

QUICK STUDS: Pack of 16/ $16.00
Use a tool and drill to quickly screw into boot. There is nothing inside the boot. Simply reverse drill to remove.

Quick Stud Insertion Tool $12.00



EZ Boot BagStowaway EASY BOOT BAGS: By Easy Care $17.00

New (2003) design. Roomier, extra pocket. Short pile black fleece backing.
Available in: Black, Brown, red, royal blue, navy blue, hunter green, purple.




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