Set Right Saddle Pads

Set Right Saddle pads are available in washable Kodel™ Fleece, maize color only. Double thickness. We find these pads allow sweat to run off without being absorbed and adding weight. We make make 'em, and we ride 'em!
Set Right Rounded PadOval Pad measures 28" wide & 30" long.
$50.00 each



Set Right Endurance Pad: $65.00
40" wide, 30"long





Set Right Aussie Style Pad $65.00





Abetta Stealth Saddle Pad $60.00 $45.00

The Abettaģ Stealth-Manta Trail pad features rugged Cordura Nylontop with thick hair felt center and hospital fleece lining. Oversized to fit Abetta Trail saddles. Comes in Black or Brown.

Manufacturere's measurements for this pad are 28" long & 35" wide. The pads I have in stock vary from this. The black ones are slightly larger & the brown was slightly smaller. Please verify pad size when ordering.





Hi Tech  western Gripper Pad Tacky-Tack Pads From Equi-Tech Labs, Inc.
(The original tacky pad!) I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from customers about these pads! Made of ventilated, soft, durable shock absorbing foam. These pads will prevent your saddle from slipping as well as providing a soft ventilated cushion for your horses back. Just like the single layer Tacky-Tack, except there are 2-3 layers, with another inner piece where the saddle bars would be.
"CoolBack" version has a white underside.
All Western Styles come with vinyl wear strips!
Now in more colors! Black,brown, red, green, navy, burgundy, pink, purple)
Basic Western: $48.00
34 (wide) x 30 (long) x 3/4"



Aussie TrooperTrooper/Aussie/Endurance: $55.00 -NOTE: for some reason this photo keeps disappearing. If it is gone Email & I can send it to you.
28 3/4" Long x 40"
(wide, laid flat) Colors: Black, brown,
Comes with vinyl wear leathers



Cashel Cushions
Cashel Foam products are made from a unique closed cell foam originally designed for the aerospace industry. It will not collapse or absorb moisture and bacteria, nor will it retain heat and add weight like a gel. Place your Cashel Cushion (label side up) on an absorbent cloth pad and place your saddle directly on top. Clean with water & store flat.



Cashel Cushion Pads come in a variety of English & Western types & sizes not listed here.

New for 2006-2007 Western Wool pads with cashel foam inserts! More info to follow.

I am currently NOT keeping many cashel saddle pads in stock, there are just too many variations, but will gladly order them for you
In stock (4-20-2009) CASHEL SWAYBACK PAD: $100.00 ARAB/GAMEPAD SHAPE

Specify 1/2", 3/4" or 1" flat cushion,
Wedge Cushion ( 1/2" to 1", lifts the back)
Reverse Wedge (1" to 1/2", lifts the front)

Cashel CusionWestern Cushions (one Piece foam) $52.00 (X Large $61.00)
Square Skirt Western: Medium 28" x 28",
Large 30 x 30,
x Large 32 x 32

Western Cushion Shapes

Western Arab/game 29 1/2 at widest & 27 1/2" long.




SADDLE PADS SHIP by UPS and have a $15.00 shipping rate.

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