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Rear Mounted Safety PenFront Viewside view



These photos are of a Safety Peninstalled on the rear of a stock type trailer.
It is bolted onto the single rear tailgate. There is a swinging gate attached at the front of the trailer. The pen makes an "L" shape around the rear and up to the front.
This installation was done at our shop, but a galvanized walk gate from any farm & home store would work. The pen gate can also be made by driving the post with our gate post bracket right next to the trailer, and use it by letting the fence down like a farm gate. (This is the post where you see the fence "end" in the right side photo above, next to the gate.)

The Photo at right shows a gate and post with the gate bracket.»»

Closeup of Gate Post <<< Photo at left is of gate post and a trailer without a rigid gate. The fence end sets in the bottom loop, and the top loop is slipped down over it and tightened. Works just like a wire farm gate!

Rear Mount Close up

««This photo (at left) is of a Safety Penmounted on an aluminum trailer with 2 rear doors & a ramp. A swinging bracket allows the pen to be swung out of the way to lower the ramp. The pen can then be set up from this extended position, without having to close the ramp.


Rear Swing Mount<<< At left is another swinging rear mount.

Margie & Patty setting up It takes a little practice to decide exactly where to place the posts! >>>>>>>>>>




Large Pen

In this case, we have one pen built in the side of the trailer, in the rear corner compartment. It made a pen 14 feet wide & 24' long. (With 54' of fence, the new pens have 65'.) It is roomy enough for 2 or 3 horses. They also make good training pens, which is what we're doing here.

We did not have the corners braced, which results in the fence sag on the long side seen in the photo.

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