Safety Pen™ Corral

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Safety Pen FencingRolling up fence

Reel it out,
Reel it in.

Safety Pencan be set up in minutes.

A truly safe way to contain your horse for overnight trips, or spending all day at the trailer. We developed this pen because we often travel with a mare & stallion. These hard working endurance horses needed a safe place to rest.2 built in pens

Horse & Gate2 pens mounted on trailer

Safety Pens™ can be added to almost any trailer.

NOTE: Beginning July, 2003 we will be making all the pens like the built in models, without the metal box over the reel. This will reduce the weight of the unit, make it easier to see you are rolling it straight, and make it easier to remove leaves & other debris you may roll up with the fencing. Photo available soon.

The Safety Pen ™ consists of 65 feet of UV treated polygrid farm & ranch fencing. NOT construction barrier. The grid of 2 inch squares makes it impossible to get a leg through. The 65 ft of fencing will make a 21 x 21 foot pen, by using your trailer as one side of the pen. The fencing is contained in a box 12 X 12 inches square & 54 inches tall, not including the mounting bracket & crank (which add approximately 8 inches). The fence is spooled on an easily hand cranked reel that allows you to pull it out and reel it in. The crank is also used to take up the slack and pull the fence tight.

Although the Safety Pen™ can be set up around any type of post (or trees) we recommend using our self-driving posts. They are the easiest to drive into rocky ground, and are easily removed. (unlike T posts!)

Self driving postSelf Driving Post Post Coverpost cover

««After driving the posts,
slip the PVC post cover/extenders »»
over the top, and you're ready to pull
out the fence. (See top photo)


Corner Post Brace Rope The post cover/extenders have eye bolts to attach tie ropes for the corner brace stakes.
This keeps the posts from leaning in and causing the fence to sag.
Electric fencing can be threaded around the top and bottom fence squares and attached to a portable charger. This will prevent your horse from reaching under or leaning over the fence to graze.



The Safety Pen™ Corral can be shipped by UPS anywhere in the United States.
7-1-03 NOTE: Due to problems with UPS damaging the pens, we are beginning to ship by truck freight. Please let us know if you are unable to accept delivery by this method.
We offer free installation if you come to our shop.

The price for a Safety Pen™ Corral, including the post cover/extenders, tie ropes, stakes, and 4 posts (one with the gate bracket attached) is $700.00 Shipping NOT Included. (Call for quote on shipping charges, typically $100-$200.)

Optional Electric "String" around the top & bottom of pen is $40.00

All Prices in US Dollars
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Missouri residents must add 5.225% Sales Tax

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