Saddle/Seat Covers

Shear Comfort Merino Wool Seat Covers (Pictured) Price updated 11-2012

Prices may be higher on new shipment of JMS.

I also carry Merino Wool Seatcovers by JMS. More styles and colors!

Available in Black, Brown & Beige
Western Seat Cover <<< Western Saddle Seat Cover $55.00
Fits most Western and endurance model saddles with a pommel.
Attaches with ties and elastic strapping.Full Western Cover

JMS Brand Merino Seat Cover: Available in more colors! $55.00

Shear Comfort $170.00
Awesome riding comfort, even in shorts! Three hook and loop fender straps and
grommeted ties ensure secure fit without removing the strirrup for attachment
IN STOCK: LEG LENGTH 27", other sizes by special order.
Measurement is from the center of the saddle seat to the top of the stirrup.

JMS LADY GODIVA (not pictured) $170.00. Custom leg length measured from center of seat. More colors!


Endurance Cover <<<<Shear Comfort Deluxe Western/Endurance Style Cover $105.00

Extended sides make for a more comfortable ride.
Hook and loop fender strap & grommeted ties.

JMS Deluxe Western/Endurance Style Cover email for current pricing
(not pictured.) Have 1 grey in stock $85.00




English Seat Cover
<<Shear Comfort English Seat Cover $58.00
Not too bulky, fits most English All-purpose and Dressage saddles up to an 17.00 seat size. Attaches with elastic and hook and loop strapping. To fit up to 19" $61.00

Full English Cover

<<<<Full English Cover $ ( JMS) $
Protects your saddle as well as your seat and legs. Attaches with elastic and hook and look strapping. THREE STYLES: All-Purpose, Dressgae, & Wintec Endurance.


Bob Marshall Fleece Cover Shear Comfort Bob Marshalll Sportsaddle Cover $180.00
Designed to fit most Bob Marshall Sportsaddles. Full flap and seat Coverage with grommeted ties and elastic straps to prevent shifting.



Shear Comfort Endurance Multi $180.00
Similar to the Bob Marshal, Fits several styles of Endurance Saddles. Extra long seat you can trim to fit or let it hang over the back of the cantle.
Some saddles this fits: Trumball Mountain Equinox, Specialized International, SR (Sensation Ride) Treeless saddles.



Cashel Tush Cushions : Made from the same closed cell foam as the Cashel Cushion Saddle Pads™. Will not collapse, compact or bunch up like seat savers out of other materials do. It also doesn't absorb & hold heat like gel pads. Tush Cush is held in place by adjustable nylon straps. that hold it firmly in place.


Western Tush Cush <<Western: $29.00 Approximately 9 1/2" from front to back

Western Long $34.00 Approximately 14" front to back

Australian: $34.00 >>>>>>>>

English tush cushEnglish Style: $34.00



Western Long, Western Luxury, and English are now available with a fleece top! $40.00 each.

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