Mitts Bits™
Mitts Bit side Monte Mitts, the designer & maker of this bit was given an old rusty bit made from sweet iron in 1947. In 1994, the bit was lost in the mountains after a riding accident. We tried dozens of different bits and Candy (his horse) hated them all. He decided to make his own, and it has been accepted by all our horses. We've had positive feedback from many people with "problem" horses who have tried this bit.

Mitts Bit TopThese hand crafted Mitts Bits™ are approximately 5 inches wide. We do not recommend narrower bits, as they tend to irritate the side of the horses face. The design of the mouthpiece will accommodate most jaw sizes. The slight curve allows comfortable tongue room without gouging the roof of the mouth when pressure is applied to the reins.
Currently out of production



sanffle bitsWe also stock a limited selection of snaffle and english style bits. (Coronet Stainless Steel) Pictured from left are:
French link eggbutt--4 1/2 or 5" mouth $30.00
Jointed Kimberwicke--
4 3/4 or 5" $37.00
Slotted Kimberwicke
with mild port $37.00
Flat Ring Mullen Mouth
-- 4 1/2, 5 or 5 1/2
nylon or stainless steel mouth $26.50


Egg Butt Snaffle stainless steel (4 3/4 wide, 12 mm mouth) $22.00
Dee Ring Snaffle stainless steel (4 3/4 wide, 13 mm mouth) $22.00
Racing Dee Snaffle stainless Steel (4 3/4 wide, 11 mm mouth) $20.00

Kimberwicke bit Slotted Kimberwicke with Port $37.00
4 1/2", 5" or 5 1/2"

Trap Hack

Rope Nose Hackamore Trap $30.00
Stainless Steel

Not Pictured:Coronet« Stainless Steel
Sweetwater Bumper Bit 5" mouth $26.00
German Hackamore:
Black nose, $32.00
English Hackamore:
Flat Cheek, 7 1/2" shank $29.00
"S" Hack with 6" shank: $36.00
rope nose, curb chain, solid shank connector bar
"S" Hack with 5" Shank" $30.00
rope nose, curb chain, cable shank connector

Biothane nose for "S" Hack. Buckles on. $18.00

Set Right Spurs


Diamond M Electrolytes™

Any horse working hard enough to sweat needs electrolyte replacement to continue performing safely and at their best!
This is the electrolyte formula we have used successfully for our endurance horses for 15 years.
It contains no dextrose, bicarbonates, or fillers.

Diamond M electrolytesIt can be sprinkled dry or dampened on the feed, or left in a dry place for the horse to eat free choice. During competition we mix with applesauce and dose orally.

Use 2 ounces DRY per dose when mixing. (Scoop included)
$15.00 for a 9 pound tub. (
+ship&handle,see text catalogue page )


Lyte Now Lyte Now Electrolyte Tubes;
30cc (1 dose) $7.50 $87/ case of 12
80cc (3 dose) $12.00 $135/case of 12




Perform & Win Perform N Win 4# tubs $22.00
20# Tub Has been discontinued bu manufacturer





Peak Performance Nutrients
Perfect Balanceelectrolytes
4# Tub $30.00
8# Tub $49.00

BCAA PowderB.C.A.A. Complex™: 2 lbs (90 servings) $92.00





Oral Syringe--60 cc---$2.00 each
Thumb ring for easier administration
Now includes an end cap!

Drench Gun Oral Dosing Syringes: The easiest way to administer oral electrolytes we have found!
60 cc $35.00 (Replacement "O" Rings--$4.00)
150 cc $40.00-- 150 cc not always kept in stock



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