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All crupper styles now have a choice of the stuffed leather, molded black plastic, or neoprene covered tailpiece. The molded plastic is a smaller diameter which some horses might find more comfortable.

Cruppers Style A : Pictured at left
Molded and stuffed leather tailpiece, sewn and riveted to biothane. Hi flex or beta. Solid brass hardware. One adjustable strap, with conway. $40.00

Style B: >$45.00>

The same as style A, but with buckles on the tailpiece. More adjustments for the shorter backed horse.


Neoprene Tail Crupper Style C: $45.00 Crupper with a neoprene covered strap tailpiece.
Snaps to the center ring & saddle ring. Both snaps attach with conway buckles.





Crupper style C<<Style D: $ 48.00 Has a tongue buckle instead of a conway on the strap that attaches to the saddle & also has buckles at the tailpiece. Pictured with molded black plastic tailpiece
2 strap crupper
Style E:>>
$50.00 Has two straps that attach to the saddle, for saddles without a center dee in in back.

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