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Click photo at right to see enlargement of Brown Beta Bridle>>>>>>Brown Beta Halter Bridle

SG Classic Biothane/Beta Halter Bridles-(Including Beta Biothane, as pictured at right) $65.00 The classic style halter bridle, with bithangers that clip to dee rings on cheeks. Beta or regular biothane, no overlay. You can use different colors for individual pieces to create your own unique look, no extra charge. Solid brass hardware. ($72.00 with Stainless Steel hardware.)

My standard size halter/bridle adjusts to fit 33"-46", measuring from bit attachment to bit attachment up over the head. If your horse is at either end of this range, order a small or large for a better fit. Small & large are made to order, so no set size is listed.


2 color halter bridle Pictured at left, is our classic style halter bridle with overlay on noseband & browband AND the 2 color option in navy & red , contrasting throatlatch & bithangers, and solid brass hardware.
$70.00 Including bithangers. ($77.00 with SS Hardware). There is no extra charge for using multiple colors, only overlays.






Halter Bridle with Hook on Brow Band $75.00 Solid Brass Hardware ($82.00 Stainless Steel)

Hook On Brow Band on Baby Halter & Hook on Browband Bitstrap (SG Style)

Sg Halter

Halter $45.00 Brass ($50 stainless)
Hook on Browband BithangerBrowband & Bitstrap $30.00 (brass)
$32.00 Stainless






Closeup of hook on BrowbandBrowBand hook openHook on Brow Band, Hook ClosedBrowband Hook Closed

Style Z Brow Band : No photos yet. Similar to the browband above.

Clip on Browband and BitstrapClip on Brow Band Bithanger: Clips instead of hooks. $35.00 Stainless $30.00 Brass

Wrap around any halter




Aussie Halter Bridle Aussie Style Halter Bridle $75.00
$80 with overlay as shown
I do not stock the Aussie horseshoe buckles.

This one is purple & pink beta, using 3/4 heavyweight beta.





Extra Bithangers: $11.00; with Stainless Steel snaps $13.00>>>>>>Bithangers
Short adusts 5"-6.5", Regular size Adjusts from 6"-10"
Long Adusts 6"-12"

If you prefer "Silver" hardware, we use Stainless Steel where possible, chrome over brass if not. Add $5.00 to each halter bridle for this option.

HalterBridle with Headstrap If you prefer a headstrap instead of bithangers, check this out!Bit Headstrap The photo at left shows our classic style "halter with browband " with headstrap "bridle". The photos at right depicts the headstrap alone. (Translucent Bright Blue)
This style does not have the bitstrap attach to the halter in any way.

Halter Bridle With Headstrap instead of Bithangers

Headstrap for bit: $18.00
one buckle adjustment, $20.00 2 buckle Adjustment. Standard size: 35"-42"


SG Classic Halter Bridle with Button on bitstrap

SG Classic Style Halter Bridle with button style bithanger: $75.00

Button Bitstrap top View










Simplicity with Clip Brow BandThe single strap over the poll eliminates so much "stuff" on your horses head.

Simplicity Halter Bridle with bithangers $60.00 ($65.00 stainless)

Including a clip on Brow band as shown : $70.00 ($77.00 Stainless)
Clip on brow bands are great for horses who don't like their ears touched whe bridling.

Clip on Brow Band Closeup









Simplicity Headstall Simplicity Headstall $30.00
Shown here without a browband, with cheeks short enough for a hackamore. The single strap over the poll is eliminates so much "stuff" of your horses head. You need to let me know when ordering if it is for use with a hack.



Biothane Bridles $40.00 (Brass Hardware)
Browband Overlay add $5.00
I can also include a small overlay on the cheeks unless they are too short.
Stainless Hardware add $5
Black Beta Biothane >>>>Black Beta Biothane BridleRed Hi-Flex Biothane>>>Red Biothane Bridle

Biothane Halter $45.00



Rosettes Add Bridle Rosettes for that added special touch!
Priced per pair
Round Rosettes in Brass $3.00 or Stainless Steel $4.00
Heart Rosettes: Brass $4.00, Stainless Steel $5.00
Rope Edge: Brass or Stainless $6.00
Wheat Edge: Brass or Stainless $6.00
Crystal colors
Synthetic Crystals and Stones Now available to really dress up your browbands!
Colors: Clear Pink, Blue, purple, green, red, amber, Coral & Turquoise
Stone SizesSizes Approximate. I like to use the 10 mm size in the center of the browband,with smaller stomes on either side.
Coral & Turquoise, shown larger than actual >>


Gracie & bridle<<Dropped Noseband: 1/2" beta or hi-flex biothane. $22.00
(pictured at left, as part of bridle)
Hi,Nancy, Got my bridle and stirrups today, love them! Thanks so much :). I attached
a picture of Gracie with her new bridle, fits perfect! Amy & Gracie

You're welcome to use my testimonial too. Please include that the size was perfect, the workmanship was beautiful and the customer service was great :).
I'll be back for more <g>. Amy
curb chain<<< Biothane Curb chain, stainless steel chain $11.00

Curb Strap, without chain, $8.00

Biothane Colors: Translucent Hi Flex: violet, dark blue, bright blue, green, orange, red. (Special order not always in stock: turquoise, lime green, hot pink.)
Opaque Hi Flex:
red(as 1/2" overlay), forest green, teal, navy, wine, shiny black, shiny brown. Special order not always in stock: Silver, grey, tan, maroon, medium blue, green yellow, & orange.
Beta Biothane: Leather embossed, soft feel. Black & Dark Brown, Red, Blue, Hunter Green
1/2 White available for overlay.


Poly Lead Ropes--$10.00 (Specify Bolt Snap or Bull Snap)
Assorted colors available, solid brass hardware. Some are 8' and some are 10'long

Fleece nose protector Shear Comfort Fleece noseband protector $10.00
Beige, Brown or Black, Hook & Loop fastening. About 11"-12"

JMS Fleece noseband protector for Hackakmore $12.00: Longer side under the hack (about 13") , shorter on the top (about 9"). Protects the nose from the rope knots. Available in more colors that Shear Comfort.


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