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Rein SnapsMost reins offer your choice of snaps at each end: bolt swivel snap, pictured in top row at left, is available in solid brass or chrome over brass. Fixed swivel snap not pictured. The "200" snap, bottom row on left is available in solid brass, chrome over brass, or stainless steel (stainless steel, add $6.00/pair).The scissor snap, bottom row right, is available in solid brass only. Snaps are attached to reins by conway buckle. I can stitch the buckles in instead of conways if you wish. (Rope reins ARE stitched unless you specify otherwise.) If you prefer NO snaps with your reins, deduct $2.00 from rein price.
I now have scissor snaps in Stainless steel--3/4" or 5/8" Add $6.00/pair
Rubber Rein Stops (for use with running martingale): $2.00/pair
BioThane Rein Stops: $4.00 / pair
I can also custom make reins to any special length you wish.
Material Options, for all rein styles:
3/4" or 5/8" Beta BioThane, standard thickness, or "heavy coated" which gives a softer, spongier feel. Or 3/4 Hi flex BioThane (Hi-flex tends to be slippery when wet, I often use it only at the bit end for color.)
NEW: Biogrip/SUREGRIP/Supergrip are all names for the same Bioplastics rein material with molded in pimples. It is"Stickier" than the beta, with molded pimples for even more grip. Available now in black, brown, red, blue, orange, Purple. 3/4" width only. Trail Reins

Endurance Style Reins: Long-time favorite of endurance riders, this style is growing in popularity with all trail riders. 9' rein, with a center ring and 30" snap on "grazing strap". The "grazing strap" is perfect to hang onto while your horse grazes or drinks, or use it to lengthen your rein while tailing. All beta: $30.00

Beta reins with 3/4 Hi flex BioThane™ at bit end for color to match your tack- Pictured in photo above: (approx 19", to match colored bridle), the rest is beta BioThane for better grip. ($33.00) Second color overlay on hi- flex section, add ($35.00)

All Biogrip rein material : $38.00 (with regular biothane or beta at bit ends $43.00)

Extra BioThane™ Grazing Strap $8.00-- Straps are made from 1/2" BioThane, 30" long, available in any color we have in stock.
Double grazing strap: $10.00 -- Can be used doubled or let out to use for tailing!


One piece "roping style" rein (nylon rein pictured): snap at each end.
Beta BioThane entire length--$25.00 (9' length standard, specify any other length desired)
Beta with Hi Flex At the bit ends--$28.00 (to match yout tack color)
Hi Flex or Beta with " Grip" pimpled biothane $35.00
All Biogrip: $$30.00

Split Reins Split Reins: 7 ft. (each) split reins, rein. Choice of snaps at each end. Add $1 per foot for longer reins
3/4 or 5/8 Beta BioThane (specify standard or heavy coated) $30.00
Beta with Hi flex biothane @ bit end/ -$33.00
Hi flex with 2nd color overlay & Beta Handgrips- $35.00
All Biogrip- $35.00
Rein Grip Pimpled Biothane with Hi flex or Beta @ bit end -$40.00

Split reins no longer ship with
conway buckle connecting the 2 sides, Please request when ordering. Brass or Stainless Steel add $1.00

BioThane™ Rein Colors: Translucent Hi Flex: dark royal blue, bright blue(day-glo), green, orange, red, neon yellow, turquoise, lime green, hot pink.)
Opaque Hi Flex:
silver & red as 1/2" overlay, shiny black, hunter green, purple, teal, navy, wine, shiny brown, tan, green, yellow.
Discontinued colors I still have in stock: maroon, old teal, forest green.

Beta BioThane™: Leather embossed, soft feel. Black, Dark Brown, Orange, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Hunter Green. Purple, Pink, Lime Green, Yellow, Pastel green, pastel blue, lavender.


Rope & Flat braid reins NEW! Soft Polyester Braid rope reins!
10' long with brass conways & scissor snaps at each end.
3/4" flat rein: $16.00
9/16" round rein: $20.00

Colors normally in stock: Black, blue, hunter green, red
Also available: white, black with white tracer

RJ Rope Reins
Flat Braid 10' continuous or Split Reins:
Brass $22 Stainless Steel $25
Round Rope Rein 10': Brass $25 Stainless $30

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