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Stablegear manufactures biothane tack and other neat stuff for your horse!
I don't have photos of everything yet, so if you don't see what you want just give us a call.

Stablegear Haybag Our Stablegear HAY BAGS are made of TOUGH vinyl coated mesh on the front, sides, and bottom with 1000 denier cordura back. There is a strap on the back near the bottom so the bag can be tied down. Haybag comes with a hang strap & snap for easy attachment. Generous size of 18x18x16 holds a LOT of hay and is very easy to fill. Available now in Black, Red, royal blue, bright yellow, maroon, forest green, orange & Gray. $25.00

Racer & Haybag




No Hole Hay Bag

<< Manger Style Hay Bag (Made by Stablegear) Perfect for use in corrals.
1000 denier cordura on the back with 2 Dee Rings sewn into 1 1/2" webbing on the back side .Available now in Black, Red, royal blue, bright yellow, maroon forest green, orange & Gray..
With hanging straps & snaps $35.00

Lattice Front Manger Hay Bag

Lattice Front Haybag $60.00

2 inch square openings. Top closes to about a 3" gap.
Made from heavy duty Vinyl coated truck tarp material and poly and coated webbing lattice.
1.5" squares available by request.

All mesh $55.00




Trailer Feeder BagTrailer Bag --makes a collapsible corner manger for slant load trailers. They can also be custom made square or rectangular to fit straight load trailers with chest bars & no built in manger. (Made by Stablegear)

Heavy duty vinyl w/ brass grommets. Standard Size 24" x 24" x 28" . Custom sizes also available. Black, red, blue, yellow or gray with black, red, brown or blue trim.
$36.00 each

Large: 24 x 29 x 29 $40.00 each --Fits better across stalls with escape doors

Rectagular Bags start at $40 each: 12" deep 24x28. Grommets in corners.

Mesh Corner Bags: Same as above, available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Forest Green, orange or gray mesh. Webbing (Trim) colors :Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Standard size $32.00/Large $36

Hay SlingsStablegear Handy Hay Sling!---$20.00 (Made by Stablegear)
Monte insisted I make these after the last snow storm.
Made from tough vinyl truck tarp material with heavy poly webbing. Two handle positions allow carrying 2-6 flakes with ease
Vinyl Colors: Black, red, blue, yellow or gray
Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Maroon, Yellow, Forest Green, Brown.


Bale Bag Bale Protector Bag Available in Burgundy, Gray, Green, Black, Red & Blue (made by World Class Equine)
3 Strand $69.00 24" x 17" x 47"
(3 or more $65.00 each)
2 Strand $64.00 19" x 17" x 47"
(3 or more $62.00 each)
Can also be used for blanket storage!

(Not Pictured) Imported Bale Protector Bag -- Strong nylon material with heavy coating on the inside.
Only available in black, construction similar to bag pictured above. A good value for the money.
2 Strand size $32.00
3 Strand size $45.00

Half Bale Protector

Half Bale Protector $53.75 24" x 17" x24"
(Made by World Class Equine)
Makes great crew bag for vet checks
Bale Protectors are water-resistant.
Available in Burgundy, Gray, Green, Black, Red & Blue

Organizer TRAILER ORGANIZERS: (Made by Stablegear)
Durable 1000 denier cordura back with mesh pockets. There are 3 dee rings at the top, grommets in the bottom corners. If you prefer grommets in all for corners, or dees instead of grommetts at the bottom let me know when you order. I can also use the hook & loop tabs with brackets just like the trailer screens. I keep black organizers made up in stock. Other colors made to order, you can also request special sizing to fit your needs. I always keep red, blue and black material in stock. Call for availability of Silver, purple, teal, brown, yellow, dark green, maroon. Photo is of 24" x 36" orgainizer in silver cordura w/black mesh.
Small Trailer Organizer: 24" x 36" ---3 Rows of pockets.
Top 2 rows have 4 pockets, 5" wide x 7" deep.
The bottom row has 3 pockets 10" deep. One is the perfect size for a flyspray bottle, the other two are a little wider. $35.00
(Add $3.00 for hook & loop attachment, includes stainless steel brackets)
Large Trailer Organizer: 24" wide X 48"
Tall. Four rows of pockets, The top 3 rows have 4 pockets about 5"-7" deep, the bottom row has 3 pockets 10", deep enough to hold fly spray bottles. $45.00
(Add $3.00 for hook & loop attachment, includes stainless steel brackets)

Trailer ScreenSafety Screen (Made by Stablegear) keeps horses head in and debris out. Velcro closures, includes stainless steel footman loop hardware. Rivets or screws to trailer, these are not provided. $45.00 each. (With grommets in corners instead, $35.00)
Made to order to fit any trailer. if you need to have your brackets at the top & bottom of window instead of on the sides, let me know so I can run the hook & loop the other direction.
Available with zipper (pictured at left)for easier access to horse through screen! $50.00 each.

Stablegear is now making trailer screens in house!! Faster delivery & more colors available! Same quality materials & pricing. Note: pricing listed above applies to commonly used window sizes.
Screens for large feed doors, stock trailer sides, etc. $55.00 ( these will have 8 attachment tabs instead of 6).

If your trailer already has welded in rings
for screens: order screens with grommets instead of hook & loop. Measure exact size needed.

TO ORDER SCREENS: MEASURE THE SIZE YOUR WANT THE SCREEN, WHICH INCLUDES THE WEBBING AROUND THE EDGES. YOU WILL WANT TO ENTIRELY COVER THE WINDOW OPENING SO YOUR HORSE WILL NOT BE TEMPTED TO NOSE PAST THE EDGE OF THE SCREEN. THEN, DECIDE WHERE YOUR MOUNTING BRACKETS WILL BE LOCATED. The standard tab length is about 7 inches TOTAL, so your bracket should be no more than 2" from the edge of the screen. If it needs to be farther, let me know so I can make the tabs longer.

I have the following made up trailer screens in stock:
These are first quality screens, just not the right size!

Regular price: $50 zipper, $40 w/o
Listed Screens Only : $30 each
(includes the S.S. attachment Brackets.)

Screens with zippers:
1--17 1/2" tall x 27" wide
1--23 2/3" tall x 29" wide.
1-- 20 1/2" tall x 32" wide

Screens without zippers:
2 --
17 1/2" tall x 27" wide

Sponges: One method used by endurance riders to cool their horses is using a sponge to dip in water along the trail. We offer a variety of sponges and straps for this purpose. For best results make sure the sponge is thoughly wet before you leave camp, or it will tend to float on top of the water.

Sheepwool Sponge Natural Sea Sponges (does not include spring or leash)
Sizes vary from 6"-8" --with grommet --$ 20.00
6" sponges $15


Synthetic sponges with grommet $4.00
I have a variety of sizes & colors.


Mesh Sponge Bags: Black mesh sponge bag with rope and bronze snap. Black Bag. $8.00
Including Synthetc Sponge $12.00

SG Deluxe Biothane Sponge strap. Features 2 snaps & rings To attach sponge Biothane Sponge Leashto saddle. 1/2" biothane or beta biothane in your choice of colors. Leash only, attach to any grommeted sponge: $20.00 brass ($22.00 Stainless Steel)

Simple sponge leash : $15.00 6' long 1/2" wide bio or beta. The only hardware is the conway & snap. make a loop & cinch it tight around the middle of the sponge. Hand hold stitched into other end.

Trailer Ties:
$9.25 each --Heavy Duty 1" Nylon. Bull Snap on one end, panic snap on other. Black, other colors possible.

Safe TieTie-Safe™- Designed with Velcro to break at a pre-set tension--if it breaks repair is instant.

Trailer Tie 2' to 2'8" $14.50


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