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Stock # Product Description Size Color & specifications Price Shipping Info/Cost
  Safety Pen        
000001 Complete Safety Pen™ Package(no elec. string)
Includes fencing, 4 posts, post extenders, gate brackets, brace stakes & ropes
----Not in production at this time -----White FOB our plant, installed free here We recommend Truck Freight, continental U.S.
  Extra Self Driving Posts We still manufacture posts   $35.00 each plus shipping
  Screw in posts for electric tape fence-use cordless drill     $12.00  
  Set Right Products        
000028 Set Right Saddle Pad™ (Kodel™)29" wide x32" (Fit most western saddles) Square skirt maize $45.00 UPS/USPS
000029 Set Right Saddle Pad™ (Kodel™) 29"x32"(round western/endurance) Round skirt maize $45.00 UPS/USPS
  Set Right Saddle Pad™ (Kodel™) Endurance 40" wide, 30" long     $60.00  
000030 Diamond M™ Electrolytes 9#   $17.00 $10.50 USPS/ FOB
  Electrolyte Syringe with thumb ring & Cap 60 cc   $2.00  
  Electrolyte Dosing Gun 60 ml/150ml   $35.00/$45.00  
  Replacement "o" rings 60 ml   $4.00  
  Perform 'N Win 4 #   $22.00 $10.50USPS
  Lyte Now 30 cc 1 dose $95/case $8.50  
  Lyte Now 80 cc 3 dose $140/case $12.50  
  Perfect Balance Powder 8# cannister   $50.00  
  Perfect Balance Powder 4#   $30.00  
  BCAA Powder 2#   $92.00  
  Miscellaneous Products        
  Safety Bells-- 3/4" biothane Strap w/ 2 bells, stainless steel clip (approx. 9" long) Brass or Nickel bells Many colors of strap available $8.50  
    with 1 large bell   $8.50  
  plastic sweatscraper       $1.50
  half moon sweatscraper       $4.00
  Rubber curry       $2.00
  Hoof Picks--rubber coated handle       $1.50
  hoof pick--horsehead handle       $1.50
  Stablegear Tack Products        
  HEADGEAR-reflective & glo overlays!        
001001 Halter Bridle & bithangers (BioThane™)     $65.00  
  HalterBridle (with overlay)   overlay on browband & noseband $70.00
  Simplicity Halter Bridle, no browband     $60.00
  BioThane Halter (Two buckle adjustment on headstrap)     $45.00
  Biothane Halter With 2 buckle adjustment + Dees     $48.00
  Add Stones or Crystals!      
  Round Browband Rosettes--(add $1 for hearts)   Brass / Stainless $3.00/$4.00
  Browband Conchos Call about styles   $2.50 -$5.00
  BioThane™ Curb Chain   Stainless Steel chain, Brass or chrome/brass buckles $12.00
  Biothane™Curb Strap   Brass or chrome/brass buckles $8.00  
  Headstrap bithanger (Biothane™, 2 adj. buckle)   brass/ss $20.00/$22.00  
  Biothane™ bithangers (pair) adjusts 6"-10" brass/ss $12.00/$14  
  Biothane™ Short Bithangers (pair) adjusts 5"-6.5" brass/ss $12/$14  
  Headstall w/browband & throatlatch (Biothane)     $40.00  
  Biothane™ Headstall w/browband & throatlatch (overlay)   overlay on browband & sidestraps $45.00  
  Endurance/Trail Reins
Biothane, Regular or Beta
  9' + 30" "grazing strap" to extend the rein while horse grazes/drinks. $30.00  
  above, with beta biothane handgrips or overlay on regular biothane     $33.00  
  Regular biothane, overlay, + beta handgrips     $35.00  
  All Biogrip (except grazing strap)    


  Regular biothane at bit end, BIOGRIP handgrips     $43.00  
  Rein stops (Rubber)     $2.00/pair  
  Rein Stops (biothane)     $4.00/pair  
  Split Reins 7' (each side) Add $1/ft for longer reins all beta or regular biothane $30.00  
      biothane bit end, beta handgrip $33.00  
      All Biogrip $35.00  
      biothane w/biogrip handgrips $40.00  
  One Piece "Roping Reins"        
    9' all beta or regular biothane $25.00  
      biothane w/beta handgrips $28.00  
    9' ALL Biogrip $30.00  
      biothane w/biogrip handgrips $35.00  
    10' 5/8" flat braid $16.00  
    10' 9/16" soft round polyester rope $20.00  
  Biothane Running
Martingale attachment
  Snaps to breastcollar, 2 straps with snaps & rings $20.00  
  Biothane standing
Martingale attachment
  Snaps to breastcollar $15.00  
  Breastcollar (Biothane) 3/4" or 1"   60.00  
  Breastcollar with overlay (Biothane)   Overlay is on the 2 straps from chest to shoulder $65.00  
  Breastcollar (Biothane) 2" wide beta shoulder straps 2"shoulders
3/4" other straps
2" black only
3/4 any color
  Breastcollar with Tongue buckle adjustments on shoulders     $63.00
  Neoprene protector NEW Style Slips over straps, lays behind breastcollar chest ring. $6.00  
  Neoprene Tube 12" Slide over strap between legs $12.00  
  Neoprene Shoulder Tubes 26"
27" +
  CRUPPERS leather or plastic tailpieces      
  Crupper Style A (Biothane)   No Buckles at tailpiece, snaps to center ring & saddle ring. $40.00  
  Crupper Style B (Biothane)   additional snap & adjustment buckles at tailpiece $45.00  
  Crupper Style C (Biothane)HAS A NEOPRENE COVERED TAILPIECE     $45.00  
  Crupper Style with tongue buckle adj. on main strap instead of Conway Buckle     Add $3.00  
  Crupper Connector strap- ring in center, snaps at both ends   for attaching to saddle w/o a center ring $15.00  
  Neoprene protector under crupper ring     $5.00  
  Biothane Girth Loop Brass or SS for girth without center dee $6.00  
  Nylon Girth Loop     $5.00  
  Western Style Cinch 3" SS Flat Buckle Neoprene tube over poly webbing $50.00  
  Enduro Style
Single tongue roller Buckle
SS "999" buckle --1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2",1-3/4",2" Neoprene tube over poly & biothane $50.00  
  English Style Girth 1" SS Roller Buckle   $60.00  
  Cross your heart style (for old orthoflex traditional     $75.00  
  Fleece Cinch Ring Protector Brn, Blk, Beige   $12.00
  Cashel Ring Master Ring Protector     $12.00  
  Shear Comfort Merinop Wool Cinch cover     $39.00  
  JMS Stirrup Merino Wool Fuzzies     40.00  
  Biothane Stirrup Straps 1" stainless steel hardware 1" Matte Black Super Pull (60"standard length) $35.00  
  Haybag (with round hole) Webbing: Black, grey, red, royal blue, navy blue, yellow, maroon, brown, dark green Mesh: Black, red, blue, dark green, grey, bright yellow, orange $25.00  
  Haybag-no hole, horse eats out of top
16 x 16 x24 tall
same as above same as above Bag $25 w/hang straps $31.00  
  Trailer organizer 24" x 36" same as above Black, red, blue sometimes various other colors available $35.00  
  Trailer organizer 24" x 48" same as above Black, red, blue sometimes various other colors available $45.00  
  Stablegear Sponge & Bag   Black, red, blue dark green, bright yellow $10.00  
  Sea Sponges     Price Varies  
  Bucket Strap (1" poly webbing) same as above Black in stock, other colors by request $3.50  
  Stablegear Trailer Screens-no zipper
Comes with hook & loop tabs & brackets
Send window opening dimensions + we add 1"-specify whether brackets & tabs are for top & bottom of window or sides
same as above Black,grey, red, blue. dark green, bright yellow, orange $40.00 each -
  Stablegear Trailer Screens-zipper Same as above Same as above $50.00
  Stablegear Trailer screens grommets in corners with or without zippers comes with 4" double ended snaps Send exact measurements needed to work with your rings Same as above Same as above  
  Stablegear Extra Large Screens
(Using 2 extra tabs) For Stock trailer sides, escape doors, etc.
Webbing same as above Black, grey, red, blue, dark green, bright yellow $55.00  
  Trailer Bag(slant feeder) w/bolt snaps Vinyl: Black, Grey, red, blue, yellow $36.00 each UPS/USPS
  Mesh Trailer Bag(slant feeder) w/bolt snaps Black,grey, red, blue, dark green, bright yellow $32.00 each  
  Stablegear Handy Hay Sling
carry 2-6 flakes
Webbing: Black, grey, red, royal blue, navy blue, yellow, maroon, brown, dark green Vinyl: Black, Grey, red, blue, yellow $20.00  
  Cashel Company        
  See fly masks and protective gear page        
  Crusader Fly Mask Standard   $19.00  
    Long   $25.00  
  "Ear" Styles available with 13.5" ears for mules Standard with ears   $23.00  
    Long With Ears   $29.00  
  Quiet Ride Fly Mask-- also available w/ears & nose     $19.00  
  Cashel Crusader Quiet Ride Bug Armor 2 piece (Butt only: $30.00) $52.00  
  Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor Belly Guard     $37.00  
  Cashel Crusader Leg Guards Set of 2 5 sizes $24.00  
  Cashel Fly Sheet- Lightweight     $120.00
  Tush Cush clickable icon western, western long, Aussie English      
  Ankle Safe     $23.00  
  Easy Care Products See Easy Care Discounts Page for
  NEW SIZES, NEW features! Click here        
002120 Easy Boot-fits- pony black only $45.00 each
002121 Easy Boot-fits 000 blk only $45.00 UPS/USPS
002122 Easy Boot-- 00 blk $45.00 UPS/USPS
oo2124 Easy Boot-- 0 blk $45.00 UPS/USPS
002126 Easy Boot-- 1 blk $45.00 UPS/USPS
002128 Easy Boot-- 2 blk $45.00 UPS/USPS
002130 Easy Boot 3 thru 7 blk $57.00 UPS/USPS
002131 Easy Boot- 4 blk $57.00 UPS/USPS
  I have an assortment of repair parts in stock        
  EasyCare Universal Ice Studs 4 pak NO old ones left   4 paks
  Replacement Straps & cables        
  Comfort Straps        
  Boa Boots sizes special order only includes gaiters $  
  Boa Gaiter special order only      
  Easyboot Epics     $72.00 each thru #2 $81.00 4-7  
  Easyboot Bares special order only      
  Easyboot Glove     $60.00  
  Glove Gaiter     28.00  
  Easyboot Gaiters 2011 - Fits Easyboots, Epics, Bares & Grips     $28.00  
  Soaker Boot     $25.00  
002160 E-Z Ride Stirrups (Aluminum) 1/2/3"   $65.00/pair UPS/USPS
002161 E-Z Ride w/Leather Cover 1/2/3"   $95.00/pr UPS/USPS
002162 E-Z Ride w/ Safety Cage 1/2/3"   85.00/pr UPS/USPS
002163 Replacement Cage     $14.00/pr UPS/USPS
002164 Replacement Pads     $14.00/pr UPS/USPS
002165 E-Z Ride Nylon Stirrup 1/2/3" Black $55.00 UPS/USPS
002166 E-Z Ride Nylon Stirrup   Brown $55.00 UPS/USPS
002167 E-Z Ride Nylon w/Safety Cage 1/2/3" Black $75.00 UPS/USPS
002168 E-Z Ride Nylon w/Safety Cage   Brown $75.00 UPS/USPS
  Comfort Top Bar     $7.00 UPS/USPS
  Stowaway Easy Boot Bag   Bl,Red,Royal, Hunter,Navy, purple, brown $17.00  
  English Stowaway (Cantle) 2 water bottle holders   Bl,Red,Royal, Hunter,Navy, purple, brown $57.00  
  Western Stowaway (cantle) 2 water bottle holders        
  Stowaway Bottle holder   Bl,Red,Royal, Hunter,Navy, purple, brown $17.00  
  Stowaway Pommel Pack Fits English or Western Bl,Red,Royal, Hunter,Navy, purple, brown $57.00  
  Stowaway Deluxe pommel pack   blk,Red,Royal, Hunter,Navy, purple, brown $57.00  
  Deluxe Western Stowaway, has boot pouches instead of water bottle holders   blk,Red,Royal, Hunter,Navy, purple, brown $57.00  
  Stowaway Neck Ditty   Black Only $10.00  
  Stowaway Utility Belt   Black Only $19.00  
  Stowaway Deluxe Hay/gear bag   Navy, Burgundy, Hunter $59.00  
  Snugpax- more styles & colors than stows     call me!  
  EasyBun Warmer-Western or English with drawstrings   Black Only $60.00 UPS/USPS
  JMS Merino Sheepskin Products new pricing undetermined     Call Me  
  Shear Comfort Merino Fleece Seat & JMS both is stock in some styles clickable icon Black Brown Beige    
  English Seat Only     $50.00  
    All purpose
dressage or wintec
  Western Seat Only     $50.00  
  Full Western   Shear Comfort $145.00 155.00  
  Deluxe Endurance/Western   Shear Comfort $75 JMS 80.00  
  Bob Marshall Sportsaddle     $135.00  
  Noseband covers     $10.00  
  Cinch Ring Covers     $12.00  
  Heart Monitors        
  HeartCheck (V-Max) Transmitter & Handle     $55.00  
  HeartCheck Kit (Transmitter & Basic Receiver) NO BASIC      
  V-Max (Transmitter, receiver, electrodes & leads) NO BASIC   $125.00  
  V-Max Enduro C     $ 160.00  
  Electrodes     $6.00 each  
  Long Coiled     $16.00  
  Short leads     $9.00  
  Lead & electrodes Kit (2 electrodes, 2 leads)     $38.00(long coiled)---  
  World Class Equine Monogram   $6.00  
WN 100 Winning Numbers Set of 2 Special Order Only $35.00  
WN 200     Special Order Only 15.00  
B1000 Bale Protector 3 Strand   Special Order Only $69.00
B2000 Bale Protector 2 Strand     $64.00
  Imported 2 strand bale protector black   $32.00  
Z101 Half Bale Protector   Special Order Only $49.00
A111 Arena Bag     $28.00  
G100 Grooming Bucket     $18.00  
G200 Extra LARGE Grooming Bucket     $20.00  
G300 XL Grooming Bucket w/ rigid top     $25.00  
V 104 Water Bucket(6qrt)     13.00  
X 104 Water Bucket(10qrt)     15.00              


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