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Bits & Accessories An assortment of useful bits, curb chains, etc. Look under "Headgear" for curb chains & straps.
Breastcollars Endurance Style breastcollar, "no choke" design works well for all trail riders. Martingales, neoprene protectors, girth rings, etc

Cruppers 4 Styles to choose from, including two strap cruppers for saddles without center dee
Electrolytes™ & Supplementsclickable icon ----Diamond M, Lyte Now, Perform N Win, Perfect Balance™, Enduramax, Enduramax Plus We also carry oral syringes & dosing guns for easier administration!

FLY MASKS/Equine Protective Gearclickable icon--The Cashel Crusader face masks, Leg Guards, Bug Armor for Riding. Several New Products from Cashel
Bay Flying HorseGIFTS & FUN Stuff --Flying Horse Wind Spinners -- . One of the cutest things I've ever seen. Great training/desensitizing tool for your horses! Also, horse theme and seasonal garden flags and house flags. They make great wall hangings indoors! Bay Horse or white unicorn.). Horsehead Keychains
- Western, English, Enduro--Neoprene covered, Also "Cross your heart" style. Australian girth adapters--allows you to use a western cinch with your 2 billet saddle.
Grooming Products-- Sweat scrapers, hoof picks & brushes, combs, curry combs, etc.

Heart Monitors--
V Max Enduro

Haybags, Bale Bags & Trailer Screens, Trailer Accessories Mesh Haybags (with hole or open top manger style), Trailer organizers (also perfect in the tack room), sponge bags, etc. Custom Made Screens for Drop Down trailer windows. Feed Bags for the corner of slant load trailers-- solid vinyl or mesh. Bale Bags by World Class Equine, Easy Care (Sportack) and others.
Trailer Ties
Natural Sea Sponges
Biothane Sponge strap-- Features 2 snaps & rings To attach sponge to saddle. For your safety we have incorporated a breakaway attachment between the saddle snap & BioThane strap. 1/2" biothane in your choice of colors. $18.00

Headgear--- Halter Bridles, bridles, headstraps,
dropped noseband, curb chains & straps

Helmets-- Tipperary Sportage 8500 I have moved my Helmet inventory to my new store at

Salamander "Beak" Helmet Visors $17.50

HELMET VISORS: Da Brim & Salamander Beak has moved to my new store:

Hoof Care & Protection-- Easy Boots,Epics, Bares, Gloves, boot bags, easy foam. dirt skirts, ice studs, etc. NEW PRICES FOR 2012
I will have a set of 1 of each size in the glue-on shells that people may use at rides to fit their horse.
It will take me a while to build up inventory on all these new boots. If you plan on buying a set to use at a ride, please contact me BEFORE the ride to make sure I have what you need.
Check Out Soaker Boots

Horse Blankets/Rump Rugs Easy Care Bun Warmers

Leg Protection & Ice Boots--splint boots, ankle boots, 6 pocket ice boots, etc.

People Products--

Anti-friction Formula prevents chafing, rash, & saddle sores!
1.3 oz stick (like solid deodorant)

Anti MonkeyButt Powder: $6.00 8 oz. Anti-Friction & sweat absorber. "Ideal for butt busting activities...also for thosae occasions when you sit on your butt all day." Contains Calamine

Chamois Butt'r $15/ 8 fl oz tube

Reins --BioThane™, nylon, & rope. Trail, split, or roping rein styles. Custom made to your specified length. New item RJ round rope reins $25 with solid brass, $30 for Stainless.

Saddle Bags, Stowaway, Snugpax, etc--
Stowaway no-bounce packs, Stowaway Vet Check/gear bags! New Deluxe pommel bag with the water bottles! Cashel« Trail Kit, Ankle Safe, & Treat Pocket

Saddle Pads(Horse)-- Set Right™ Fleece Saddle Pads, The Original Tacky Tack Pads, & Cashel« Cushions!

Saddle & Seat Covers/Cushions
clickable icon! Shear Comfort Merino Wool Sear Covers!!, Cashel Tush Cushion«


Stirrups & Accessories EZ Ride--Safety Cages/Photos available-
EZ Knees stirrup turners, Cozy Toes, & more!

Trotting M Ranch

Amonte Horses -- Historyclickable icon Learn the history of the Amonte horse
Horse Photos Page Clickable icon Photos of our Amontes, AERC Ride Records

Amonte /Arab Photos We're crossing Amonte Stallions on Arabian Mares & getting great results!
Links to Amonte/Arab Photos from either page above, too!

Congratulations to Judy Ryan & Racers Spunky Boy, 2001 Central Region Limited Distance Best Condition Champion!!!


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